If you are strongly guarded with your sexual problems or tired of weak erections - all these problems are fairly common, are worth thinking since the teenage years. All of them may ultimately lead to a complete loss of potency, and also puts pressure on a man psychologically, because of these problems a man feels insecure, which in most cases is reflected in all spheres of life. Fortunately, the solution to these problems is, and it lies in the use of erectile dysfunction drugs. One of them is Levitra super active tabs.


The medication Levitra Super Active is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and it also resolves many health issues related to decreased ability of sex in men. Levitra Super Active works better then many expensive branded medications as it contain the same ingredients and come at a cheap price to help as many people as possible. The patient is advised to consume a maximum of one pill in a 24-hour period, between 60 minutes to 90 minutes before sexual intercourse to experience the desired performance while having sex.


The recommended starting dose of Levitra Super Active is 20 mg taken as needed approximately 2 minutes before sexual activity. In clinical tests of Vardenafil and Levitra Super Active was shown to be efficacious when taken up to 4-5 hours before sexual activity. It  can be taken with or without food. Sexual stimulation is required for a natural response to treatment. For patients, who are older than 65 years, Levitra capsules clearance is reduced. A starting dose of 5 mg should be considered for those patients.

  • this drug is used only for oral use.
  • this drug is not indicated for use in children.

Before using Levitra Super Active
Contact with your treating doctor before use the preparation if you come within one of these contra-indications. Even if any from above enumerated does not fall under your description, it is recommended to conduct the series of tests before the use the preparation. Levitra Super Active must be used in exactness with the orders of your doctor. Check up manual and specify doses for a reception. Apply Levitra Super Active with a meal or without it. Thus, the reception of pills of Levitra Super Active must be applied before an hour prior to a sexual contact. Do not use pills rapidly than one time per a day or more rapidly than your treating doctor ascribed to you. If you will have some questions concerning to the reception of this medicine appeal to the specialist.
Another eefective drug to treat erectile disfunction is Eriacta, the main active ingredient of this drug is Sildenafil Citrate.


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